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Amazing Works of Polymer Clay

August 5, 2016

An interview with artist Deborah Clark Stanley on the topic of polymer clay artworks



Katrina: How did you learn to create such amazing artworks using polymer clay?


Deborah: My artistic journey with polymer clay began in 2004 as a project to keep my young son busy on a Sunday afternoon.However, once I got my hands into the clay and worked it into a primitive shape for the first time, I was hooked.It is something that is hard for me to put into words, but the connection was instantaneous and strong.I just had to find ways to use this medium that very few, if any “serious” artists work in (or even consider), to express myself artistically.I started with very simple expressions, mainly blending different colored clays and wrapping the unique abstract design around a variety of glass objects and have progressed to hanging wall art, both abstract and figurative.


Katrina: What makes your polymer clay artworks unique?


Deborah: No other artist is using polymer clay the way that I do.Most polymer clay artists design jewelry or other beautiful and well recognized craft projects.


Katrina: Can you describe your creative art process?


Deborah: In one word, ‘inspiration’. My subjects all come from images or thoughts that move my heart.Once inspired, my creations have come from both photographs and images from deep within my own mind.


Katrina: What is the most challenging thing about working with polymer clay?


Deborah: Conditioning the clay, without a doubt.Softening the clay to get just the right blends I want has really strengthened my hands!


Katrina: What do you believe is the key element to creating a great work of art?


Deborah: Honesty.Honesty in your inspiration and honestly following through to completion to bring that inspiration to life.


Katrina: What is your tip for new artists?


Deborah: Stay in touch with your creative soul and never, ever give up on expressing what inspires you or let anyone dampen that inspiration.

View Deborah's Artistic Expressions at


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