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What are Art to Inspire Messages?


Clients provide Photographs along with Messages as inspiration for the artist.

Those Messages (e.g., stories, songs, poems, quotes) are adhered to the back of the portrait as a secret keepsake.


We can provide you with a Message, if you prefer. Messages can also be hung on the wall beside the portrait in a decorative display.


What types of inspiration and passion could you share? Write about what the person was thinking at the time the photo was taken. Describe the location or event. Share an excerpt from the person’s favorite book, speech, movie, or song. Write a poem. Use your imagination in order to create a personalized portrait that inspires all who have the opportunity to see. 

Art to Inspire by Kevin Johnson Art aims to capture inspiration and passion within each portrait.

Artist Statement


As a portrait artist, my goal is to capture inspiration and passion within each portrait. I get inspiration from the visual images of life, music, art, and entertainment. I feel moved to draw people who excel at what they do - mavericks, trailblazers, and those who inspire others. I am also inspired to draw people, places, and things I find intriguing. I make it a point to personally meet and present portraits to my clients when possible. When taking on a commissioned portrait, my goal is to transform their ideas and vision into a unique piece of art they will cherish for a lifetime.


My artistic process is driven by my inspiration and passion. When I draw, my mind goes into a peaceful place where I often listen to music and creativity takes over. My mediums of choice are color pencil and graphite pencil on paper. My clients provide photographs along with stories, poems, songs, or quotes as inspiration. I take my time creating each portrait with special care drawing in layers in order to achieve a high level of detail and vibrancy with highlights and shadows. My color pencil and Swarovski crystal portraits are an artistic collaboration with my fiancé/business partner Katrina. Together, we plan the layout for the color pencil art and Swarovski crystal designs.


As a self-taught artist, art for me until 2014 was a hobby. I never imagined that I would create art that would stir emotion within and bring pleasure. The best compliments are when someone tells me one of my portraits captured the essence, brought back a fond memory, or brought tears to their eyes.


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